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Did you know that everyone has about 15,000 random thoughts a day and about half are negative? That’s more than 7,000 adverse intrusions every day! Science hasn’t discovered a purpose for all this negative thinking, but it’s pretty hard to ignore an internal crescendo of really bad advice. Especially when it’s telling you to cancel a dental appointment!

Negative thoughts can create physical tension and the release of stress hormones which can aggravate and exaggerate your anxiety. Many people learn to transcend their fears by focusing their energy on positive imagery – to suppress the negative thoughts and relax. In fact, you’ve probably done it already.


Have you ever been startled from a trance-like daydream … driven somewhere on autopilot? That naturally altered state of consciousness can be intentionally incorporated into self-hypnosis or visualization. Both techniques have been used successfully for weight loss, quitting smoking, alleviating the fear of flying, reducing pain, and stress management – oh yes – and the fear of dentistry.

With all the simple non-surgical cosmetic dental procedures available today, it’s a shame to let yourself miss out. We understand dental anxiety and are trained and prepared to help you.

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, visualize how great you’ll look after your smile makeover. Then pick up the phone and make your appointment. You’ll have reasons to smile!


Dr. Zina, Dr. Zain, & Dr. Der

At Keswick Dental Centre, our doctors are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve a smile you can truly be proud of. With your comfort at the forefront of everything we do, you’ll feel at ease and as if you’re surrounded by close friends and family when you come to us. For more than 40 years, thousands of your neighbours – people just like you! – have chosen us to be their dental partner. Together, we’ll make the most of your smile!